Xerox Versant 2100

Accurate and efficient

Highly productive mid volume colour printer with excellent registration controls, wide substrate tolerances and fully complimentary finishing options.

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Xerox Versant 2100  [Accurate and efficient]

Xerox® Versant 80

superior image quality

Six-page A4 printing with automated colour control management and highly intuitive fiery controls for a truly beautiful finish.

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Xerox® Versant 80 [superior image quality]

Xerox® iGen 150

Quality & Productivity

The mighty Xerox iGen delivers the widest colour gamut available for digital printers thanks to the addition of a fifth colour station extending the reaches into oranges, greens and blues, that were previously out of reach.

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Xerox® iGen 150 [Quality & Productivity]

Ricoh Pro™ C7100

Diverse and unique

Six page A4 portrait, four-up A4 landscape, clear or white fifth colour stations and a substrate range that exceeds most needs.

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Ricoh Pro™ C7100 [Diverse and unique]

Konica Minolta C1100

Superior image quality

Superior image quality with a super flat offset like feel and up to 5192 pages per hour.

Konica Minolta C1100 [Superior image quality ]
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