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Replacing an HP Indigo with a Ricoh press?? Really??

Increasing demand from customers for more distinct and impactful print collateral, meant commercial printer Twenty10 Digital needed to broaden its product offering. Following in-depth consultation with Ricoh business partner Smart Print, Twenty10 decided to replace an existing HP Indigo printer with Ricoh technology. This has delivered a ‘step-change’ in digital print capability.


Paul Riley, Managing Director of Twenty10 Digital, says, “Digital print technology is now so good that it is able to produce a quality, flexibility and complexity unheard of only a few years ago. That has also fuelled demand for more vibrant, stylistic and unusual finishes like neon and metallic. But there isn’t a lot of digital print equipment on the market capable of producing this kind of work efficiently and at the quality customers expect. If you can get it right, the results are striking, and you can produce some really fantastic collateral. So, the issue for Twenty10 was how could we help our customers achieve this?


One of the company’s two HP Indigo digital presses was due for renewal and one obvious course of action was to upgrade to the latest HP technology. But it was also a chance for Twenty10 to investigate other technologies that might be available.

Twenty10 worked with Smart Print Technology, a digital print specialist and Ricoh business partner, to select a new solution. Smart Print recommended Ricoh digital printing technology.

Riley says, “Even before we’d made any purchase, the time, effort and expert advice that Smart Print provided was a huge help in enabling us to evaluate all the different technologies and choose the solution that was a best fit for our business.

Our customers are under pressure to differentiate brands and produce more creative, striking collateral and now we have the technology to meet that demand.”

The solution is expanding the scope and type of digital print work Twenty10 can produce.

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