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It can happen to us all.

We just didn’t shout loud enough, for long enough and with enough information.

Then one day your customer tells you they just bought a new XYZ because, “I didn’t know you could do that!”

If you are reading this and thinking that it never happens to you then you are either:-

A, not talking to your existing customers at all
B, deluded
C, lying
D, just plain stupid, or
E, any combination of the above.

Not me, I hear you scream…… OK, maybe not you, but sometimes it happens to me and it’s very simply because I don’t give customers all the information that they need, or maybe worse, I DON’T ASK ALL THE RIGHT QUESTIONS!!

Just in case you are still reading, here is a short list of the equipment we supply ,for your records:-

Xerox production and office printers including cut-sheet mono, colour, continuous feed and inkjet. Xerox workflow/cross media software and professional services.

Ricoh production and office printers including cut-sheet mono, colour and wide-format. Ricoh workflow software and professional services.

OKI printers/copiers

UTAX printers/copiers

Industry workflow solutions from the leading web2print suppliers with my PERSONAL FAVOURITE being CorePrint from Vpress.

Wide format devices from HP, Mutoh, Mimaki and Meitu, including textile and flat-bed.

So there you have it, a short summary of what we do, just in case you wondered…

Don’t let it happen to you, get out there and shout about what you do… as a friendly Welshman once told me…”a shy man never got anything”.

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