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pimp yotta
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Some people like to customise their equipment.

We are happy to oblige!

Whilst this changes what the device looks like on your floor, it doesn’t change the capability, because we think it is pretty great, as it is.

Having been asked by a customer if it was possible to change the appearance of the Yotta Printers, I of course obliged with the Pimp My Flatbed Range.

The Yotta YD-F2513R5 is a competitive digital UV printer using original Panasonic servo system.

Adopting a new 3-8 pcs grey level Ricoh Gen5 internal heating industrial micro Piezo print head, ensures smooth ink jetting when printing.

This device has 7 colour options with 7-35pl variable droplet printing capability, making precise and intensive UV printing.

It can print any flat materials with thickness up to 100mm. (We do have one device in our range that goes up to 400mm!!)

Advance Features

  1. Ricoh Gen5 print head
  2. Drawer type ink barrel unit
  3. Automatic thickness measuring
  4. Automatic anti-collision function
  5. Ink thermostat system
  6. Negative pressure system
  7. Multi-colour printing
  8. UV LED curing system

Want to know more about these features and what they could bring to your business?

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