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Really pleased to see our business partner Vpress enjoying success and growth.. Much deserved!

We’re extremely pleased to welcome on board 3 new members to the Vpress team, one of who many of you may know !

Kevin Tyler joins Vpress

Vpress’ ongoing expansion has seen a number of additions to the team across all areas of the company over the past year. September saw Matt Smurthwaite join the support team, along with Dan O’Hanlon who takes up the sales co-ordinator role after Tom Parkes recent field based promotion to sales consultant .

Vpress’ latest addition is Kevin Tyler; Redtie’s previous UK Head of Sales, who is joining the Vpress team in a business development role.

It goes without saying that Kevin brings with him a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise within the web2print arena. His experience and consultative approach compliments Vpress and the ongoing interest from clients in CoreprintWeb2Print. Kevin’s appointment will therefore allow Vpress to continue helping its customers in winning new business, securing existing customers, whilst continuing to drive production and administration efficiencies and savings. This will allow the continued customer support and focus Vpress are famous for.

Tim Cox, Vpress Managing Director states ‘It may come as a surprise to some, but bringing Kevin on-board makes perfect sense. He is extremely well equipped to help print providers not only make the transition into online ordering, but also has the rare ability to assist customers on a more consultative basis.  His business development role will see him working closely with new and existing customers looking to expand their offering and efficiencies through Coreprint’s open modules and endless integration capabilities.’

Kevin Tyler continues, ‘I am really excited to be joining the Vpress team and have been incredibly impressed by the flexibility of the solutions provided. I am passionate about the role web to print will play in helping businesses to grow revenues and margin. I believe this is best achieved by offering exceptional customer service and Vpress have an enviable reputation for after sales support, with a fantastic team of Account Managers and support staff to back that up. I look forward to working closely with customers looking to grow their online offerings and becoming part of the wealth of talent within Vpress’ close knit team.’

Kevin will take on the role of Business Development Manager for Vpress and will be available for comments on his new role at London Calling ‘Without Limits’ 2014.

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H1625 angle

Q. Flatbed or Roll Fed ?

A. Now you really can have the best of both worlds

Expanding your product range to better service our clients’ needs & extend your offerings with SmartPrint & the EFI H1625 LED Printer.

“We found that we were mounting a significant portion of our work which was time consuming and expensive. With the hybrid roll-to-roll flat-bed capabilities of the H1625 we can bypass extra steps and get more projects out the door.”

– True hybrid Printer that can easily switch between Roll Fed & Board

– Cool cure LED technology handles roll or flatbed media that cannot withstand the heat of other curing or drying processes

– “Uber” white ink capabilities.

– Ability to print on a broader range of substrates, such as back-lit acrylic, cardboard, glass and aluminium composite materials

– Instant on/off lamps provide more consistent imaging with less waste.

– LED lamps can significantly decrease power consumption. True green credentials !

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smart print awards 2014

Awards!..bit like buses..and we like them!

First one is for an ‘Outstanding Performance 2013’ in the first half of last year.

Second is for an ‘Outstanding Contribution 2013‘ reflecting our performance against Xerox targets for the full year of 2013.

The latest is ‘Graphic Communications Resellers Outstanding Contribution 2014’ for our performance in replacing competitive devices, so far this year…..

We are very proud of our achievements and would like to thank Xerox for this valuable recognition and their continued help and support.

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nuvera 144

Monochrome printing in the UK is thriving across a number of sectors and you need a formidable product to excel in this field.

The Xerox Nuvera range exceeds the needs of the monochrome sector in terms of feeds and speeds and adds so much more.

Incredible, offset-level image quality of 4800 x 600 dpi and up to 156 lpi, on a wide range of substrates.

Lightning-quick machine and finishing speeds. You can complete your jobs in less time than ever before with machine speeds of up to 314 duplexed images per minute.

Finishing speeds are close to machine-rated speeds, so you can complete your jobs quickly.

More uptime, more often with the unique Xerox Nuvera Pass Through Programming that enables you to keep your system up and running even when you’re waiting for service.
You’ll enjoy more uptime, more often, ensuring you are able to meet your deadlines and productivity goals.

With a wide range of configurations and speeds, you can be sure that your future is bright with the Xerox Nuvera.

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H1625 front

Zaventem , Belgium -21 October 2014 – EFI™ is driving improvements in printing companies’ productivity, efficiency, profitability and print quality with the continued proliferation of advanced technology innovations across the EFI portfolio of industrial inkjet and production workflow products. SGIA Expo (Las Vegas, Nevada, US, 22-24 October) attendees will see new and upgraded offerings that reflect the expansion of energy-saving, “cool cure” LED inkjet technology in EFI’s superwide- and wide-format product lines, as well as the high-definition imaging capabilities of variable-drop greyscale imaging, including new, 7-picoliter UltraDrop™ Technology for premium-quality graphics production.

EFI’s exhibit at the Las Vegas tradeshow highlights advanced solutions that fuel printing company success, from imaging technology enhancements and versatile, new inks to automated material handling and best-in-class workflow efficiencies. The line-up of innovative print products on display includes:
The award-winning flagship of the EFI VUTEk® portfolio, the 3.2m, high-volume EFI VUTEk HS100 Pro UV inkjet press featuring automated material loading and fully automated unloading systems, and a new material edge guide system for printing corrugated board and other challenging substrates at press rated-speeds.
The new EFI VUTEk H2000 Pro UV inkjet printer, a 2m, extensible platform for mid-volume graphics production making its worldwide debut at the SGIA Expo.
The 5m, roll-to-roll EFI VUTEk GS5500lxr Pro LED printer, which features UltraDrop Technology and the greener, more-efficient advantages of “cool cure” LED imaging.
SuperFlex Ink from EFI and 3M for VUTEk GS3250lxr and GS5500lxr Pro printers, a versatile formulation offering superior LED inkjet performance on vehicle wraps, soft signage and outdoor applications requiring higher durability and flexibility.
The EFI VUTEk GS3250lx Pro with UltraDrop Technology, a 3.2m printer offering exceptional-quality greyscale imaging and greener, “cool cure” LED technology in a versatile, hybrid roll/flatbed format.
The EFI H1625 LED printer, a 1.65m, entry-level hybrid offering that has quickly become a popular production-level LED inkjet device thanks to its high-quality, eight-level greyscale print heads and its superior white ink capabilities.

“The range of innovative EFI VUTEk and EFI Wide-Format products – with printers that feature the superior imaging quality of UltraDrop 7 picolitre technology, the proven versatility and energy-saving benefits ‘green’ LED inkjet, and EFI’s industry-leading white ink capabilities – create important opportunities for signage and graphics professionals looking to expanded their businesses with higher-end production,” said Scott Schinlever, senior vice president and general manager, EFI Inkjet Solutions.

Wide-format’s new entry point for premium-quality graphics
The 2m EFI VUTEk H2000 Pro printer premiering at the SGIA Expo provides wide-format signage and graphics companies with a more-affordable entry point into high-end production printing while giving them the option to add features – including white ink, clear varnish and roll-to-roll media handling – as they grow their business. The printer brings UltraDrop Technology greyscale imaging to the mid-volume inkjet graphics production segment, providing high apparent resolution and excellent text reproduction along with outstanding smoothness in shadows, gradients and transitions.

VUTEk H2000 Pro users can run rigid, sheet and flexible media up to 2-inches thick on the printer, and it offers standard multi-queue functionality for continuous production. Enhanced hybrid vacuum belt technology on the new 2m UV inkjet printer optimises substrate feeding.

‘A foundation for future growth’ in roll-to-roll inkjet production
The SGIA Expo marks the North American debut of the VUTEk GS5500lxr Pro with UltraDrop Technology, a 5m, roll-to-roll printer that delivers extraordinary performance on high-throughput work requiring precise imaging. The printer’s LED inks cure at a lower temperature, giving users the ability to print on a wider range of media, including textiles and mesh substrates as well as thinner, less-expensive films that cannot withstand the heat associated with other drying or curing methods.
EFI customers like Bill Duerr, president of the New Jersey-based print firm Hatteras, benefit from the possibilities EFI innovations create in roll-to-roll LED inkjet printing. Duerr’s company recently installed the VUTEk GS5500lxr Pro model, adopting the printer’s high-quality, energy-efficient production benefits to capture growth opportunities in retail point-of-purchase signage.

“Our continuous effort to evolve with the demands of the marketplace and expand our service offering has led us to the purchase of our new EFI VUTEk printer,” said Duerr. “This printer, with its LED and high-end UltraDrop imaging features, allows us to increase our production capabilities and opens up our capacity significantly. We are thrilled with the purchase and feel it will serve as a foundation for future growth into the retail market while allowing us to provide our clients with a superior product and innovative applications that align with their sustainability initiatives.”

Fiery firepower and EFI web-to-print/MIS for streamlined signage workflows
EFI’s latest inkjet graphics digital print workflow products, EFI Fiery® XF, version 6 and the EFI Fiery proServer, version 6, are driving the print technologies in EFI’s SGIA Expo exhibit. A new FAST RIP (Fiery Accelerated System Technology) feature presented on the Fiery proServer processes complex vector data up to 7 times faster than its predecessor.

Designed for EFI VUTEk printers but compatible with more than 500 wide- and superwide-format printers from numerous major manufacturers, Fiery proServer 6 supports FOGRA PSD certifications and it offers new tiling features for improved usability. A dynamic smoothing feature on the new Fiery proServer ensures superior gradient output.

The Fiery proServer 6 also touts enhanced integration with web-to-print and MIS/ERP workflows. At the SGIA Expo, EFI will exhibit end-to-end workflow integrations between VUTEk printers, the Fiery proServer, and products from the industry’s leading workflow portfolio: EFI Pace™ print MIS software and EFI Digital StoreFront® web-to-print and eCommerce software.

“EFI fuels our customers’ success because we listen to them closely, and we follow their clear direction on what they need to improve their businesses,” said EFI’s Schinlever. “With our full range of options for entry-, mid- and high-level graphics production and our complete, end-to-end workflow, EFI’s exhibit at the SGIA Expo shows why our customers continue to excel in the signage and graphics market.”

EFI’s exhibit is in booth 2413 at the 2014 SGIA Expo. EFI partners Nazdar and Veritiv are also showing EFI Wide-Format printers in booths 3327 and 2785, respectively. For more information about EFI products, visit



About EFI
EFI ( is a worldwide provider of products, technology and services leading the transformation of analog to digital imaging. Based in Silicon Valley, with offices around the globe, the company’s powerful integrated product portfolio includes digital front-end servers; superwide, wide-format, label and ceramic inkjet presses and inks; production workflow, web to print, and business automation software; and office, enterprise and mobile cloud solutions. These products allow users to produce, communicate and share information in an easy and effective way, and enable businesses to increase their profits, productivity, and efficiency.

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H1625 angle

The picture above shows the EFI H1625 LED laying down colour, then white, then colour onto clear perspex to produce an image that shows up well in back-lit scenarios AND with the light turned off.

The same process can be used to create a ‘textured’ effect that has been tested and proven to be sufficient for Braille text to be printed. A hotel organisation in Europe recently used this for door numbers and signs in public areas.!

If you are looking for wide format printing that includes white toner, the EFI H1625LED will meet your needs.

If you would like to print onto a wide range of substrates including flooring/carpet, wall-paper, wood, perspex and glass, the EFI H1625LED will meet those needs too.

And if you want your output with a textured look and feel…well.. the EFI H1625 LED……..

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Meteor DP8700 xl +

Multi-Substrate XL Digital Press on a wide range of substrates including papers, plastics & envelopes (330×1200 mm – 13×47”)

Printing on Paper, Plastics and Envelopes
Paper from 65 to 400gsm
Plastic and synthetics from 100 to 400upm
Envelopes from 80 to 400gsm

Extend your capabilities and impress your customers
Tri-fold in A3 portrait or landscape
Folded brochure up to 1200 mm long
Optimize your prints with more n-up:
Letterhead, business card, book covers, brochures, mailing pieces, invitation cards, etc.

Compliant with FOGRA39-ISO 12647 standard
Pantone+ and Spot Colours fully controlled
High colour stability from first to last page
Professional colour management tools Eye-One Pro
New powerful Fiery RIP FS100 Pro to control and automate production flow

The Digital Press Meteor DP8700 XL+ opens you the doors to an even larger spectrum of profitable applications.
Truly a unique digital press that allows for a large choice of formats combined with a broad range of substrates and thicknesses now up to 400gsm

Thanks to the various input systems, there is always a solution to handle the required substrate at hand:
Auto-adjusting offset feeder table feeds substrates from 100x200mm up to the optional XL+ format of 330×1200 mm
Pneumatic feeder allows to load 3,000 sheets in the above formats and up to 400 Gsm/400µm.
Two internal trays with a total paper capacity of 1,500 sheets handle formats ranging from 140x182mm to 330x487mm
The bypass is convenient way to load sheets from 100x148mm to 330×1200 mm and up to so envelopes at any time.
The overall productivity allows for:-
up to 4,260 A4 sheets per hour
or 2,280 A3 sheets per hour
or 1,200 330x650mm sheets per hour
and 600 330x1200mm sheets per hour

Enhanced Print Registration
The new Meteor DP8700 XL+ includes new systems to deliver a more precise and automated print registration.
The fully automated offset feeder table has a tolerance of ± 2/10°mm registration to all substrates loaded
The new Automated Skew and Centering Adjustment (ASCA) system allows for on-the-fly registration. This involves several step motors and optical sensors and works without any operator involvement. The ASCA system is enabled for each printed side, allowing a very high and consistent registration for all automatic duplex jobs.

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dthlc 2

The Xerox DocuTech 180 HighLight Colour System

Colour can help you reach your business goals —
so you have the opportunity to make every page of your document do its job faster and more effectively.

The DocuTech 180 multiplies that opportunity with high-speed black-plus-one colour printing.

Benefits of Xerox DocuTech highlight colour systems:-
Produce more effective documents with highlight colour for more satisfied, loyal customers
Provide greater productivity to handle large job volumes in both transaction and publishing print environments
Single-pass print technology provides production-level productivity for black-only images and for black-plus-one-colour images
Supports a broader range of applications to include personalized, customized content with variable data

Available in with A4 print speeds of 128 ppm, 155 ppm, and 180 ppm
Two configurations available to meet the needs of both transaction and publishing print environments
Powerful stitching and binding option with interposer
High-capacity feeding and stacking option
Custom-blended highlight colours maximize your brand and increase the emotional impact of your documents
Prints simplex or duplex; concurrency to RIP, print, scan, and program simultaneously
Uses Xerographic print engine with laser raster imaging system for black and Light Emitting Diode (LED) for colour
Prints at 600 x 600 dpi colour and 600 x 2400 dpi black
Single-pass printing prints colour and black in one pass with no degradation of rated speed (up to 180 ppm) with highlight colour in simplex and duplex mode

Key applications for highlight colour printing
Newsletters, booklets, flyers, reports, letterhead
Invoices, forms, statements, envelopes

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Ricoh ProL4130L4160

Producing durable high quality indoor and outdoor display material at speed.

Both printers support a variety of media, including plain, coated and synthetic paper, weatherproof PVC and PET window film, polyester cloth and cotton.

Pro L4130 handles media widths of up to 1371mm (54.0 inch) and Pro L4160, 1620mm (63.8 inch).

The new inkjet printers use a newly developed latex ink which is set to revolutionise the display printing market, rapidly replacing conventional solvent-based inkjet technology.

Ricoh’s eco-friendly latex inks do not emit noxious fumes and use low temperature curing to expand the range of media, improve productivity and reduce energy consumption and cost.

In another first, Pro L4130 and Pro L4160 can print white ink, enabling vivid, high quality images to be printed onto coloured and transparent media.

These versatile printers have eight ink stations and support four colour printing (CMYK), six colour printing (CMYK + orange and green) and seven colour printing (CMYK + orange, green and white).

High-quality output is produced at speed. Pro L4130 and Pro L4160 support print resolutions of 900 dpi and 1,200 dpi.

The multi-jet piezo ink head expresses finely modulated ink drops and, by combining drop sizes which range in size from 4pl to 14pl, produces high resolution colour images with smooth gradation, dense solids and fine lines.

Using Pro L4130 and Pro L4160, print service providers can fulfil their clients’ needs more quickly and efficiently.

Pro L4130 and Pro L4160 print at speeds of up to 18.2 m2h and, with no ‘foils’ or ‘cut-outs’ required when printing onto coloured and transparent media, and no ‘gassing off’ required to cure print.

High-quality large format indoor and outdoor display material is ready sooner, increasing overall productivity.

The main specifications are:
Large format colour printers
Wide and extra wide print formats (Pro L4130: 1371mm / Pro L4160: 1620mm)
High-speed multi-jet piezo ink head
Eight cartridge ink station
Integral table and roll feed
Integral three-way heater (pre/print/post)
Print speeds of up to 18.2 m2h
Print resolution of up to 1,200 dpi
Simple push button operation with LCD guidance
USB 2.0 PC interface
Intuitive printer driver (Ricoh RIP – supplied as standard)
Production RIP PS8 option from ColorGATE
Support for EPS, PS, PDF, TIFF, JPEG and BMP print formats
Visual on-screen confirmation of job progress

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The 3.2-meter EFI™ R3225 UV roll-to-roll printer gives you stunning image quality and production-level speeds.

It’s the ideal wide format printer if you’re a production environment, franchise shop or commercial printer that wants to capture premium-margin signage applications.

It also caters to environments that need extra capacity for speciality and overflow jobs.

The R3225 allows you to print on a wider range of flexible and lower cost substrates.

Plus, you can lower your total cost of ownership by using less ink and energy for greater profit potential while you balance your environmental and business needs

Production-Level Printer with High Image Quality and Profit Potential

Produces near photographic image quality using eight-level grayscale variable drop technology.

Extends your market reach into premium margin applications, such as point-of-purchase displays, banners, wall coverings, interior decorations, vehicle graphics and more.

RIPs and prints simultaneously to meet your tight deadlines.

Enables you to print on more flexible substrates, including speciality and low cost materials.

Increases your margin opportunity with lower acquisition and total running costs.

UV technology uses less energy and emit low volatile organic compounds.


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