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Our open days planned for 23rd September will give you access to the Xerox and Ricoh showrooms
where you can compare your file output on both manufacturer machines.

In the blue corner we have the Xerox production range from C60 up to the mighty iGen 150
Fifth colour options include:- Clear, gold and silver on the Xerox CP1000
Orange, green and blue on the Xerox iGen (the first time these will be shown to the public)

In the red corner we have the Ricoh production range from the Proc5100 up to the impressive ProC9100.
Fifth colour options of white and clear are available on the ProC7100

Of course it is not just about fifth colour options.

Maybe sheet sizes and substrate ranges are something you want to test.

Either way, it promises to be a very interesting contest

Our independent view-point is our strength and we are very proud to be able to give an unbiased opinion
on which manufacturers’ product best suits YOUR environment.

The idea is that you can test your files each manufacturer range and make your own mind up about which ‘is the best’.

To register for this event, click the following link:-

Should you require any further information, please call 01707 888500

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“I’m not sure if I want Xerox or Ricoh!”

“I don’t know which prints the best”

“Demonstrations by manufacturers only show images that they know work best on THEIR equipment.”

“My substrates are  not standard digital ones”

Does this sound familiar to you?

Would you like to be able to say… “Thank goodness for an independent view-point!”

We will be hosting a double-date open day on 23rd September

when we will welcome visitors to the Xerox showroom in Uxbridge and Ricoh showroom in Staines.

If productivity is key, then why not compare the Ricoh ProC9100 with the Xerox iGen?

Productivity and image quality on a whole new level

Productivity and image quality on a whole new level



If you require something with high image quality with mid volume capabilities,

come and see the Ricoh ProC7100 or Xerox Versant 2100?

We will also be showing entry level colour, monochrome and wide format devices

and would hope to give you time to print YOUR files.

More information will follow in due course.

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Smart Print Technology Ltd…..the clue is in our name.

We do love new technology and the new revenues it can deliver to our clients.

For this reason, we can’t wait to ‘get at you’ with the new Delphax Elan 500


elan 500 image


What the brochure says:-

elan™500 delivers:

Vibrant Colours: Up to 1,600 DPI, CMYK plus 2 spot colours or MICR

Extraordinary Speed: Up to 500 A4 images per minute

Sheet-Fed Flexibility: Up to 18” x26” (457 mm x 660 mm, incl. SRA2)

Ease of Use: Exceptional versatility with standard PDF workflow

Brilliant Colours, Amazing Results

Each Memjet print head has 70,400 jets that fire more than 700,000,000 drops of ink per second.

Each ink droplet has a tiny 1.4 picolitre volume capable of producing smooth tonal gradations and impressive image detail.

Colour Gamut

Just like in offset printing, the colour gamut is a combination of both ink and paper. When paired with the proper papers, the aqueous dye-based inks used in the Memjet print head are capable of producing large colour gamuts with bright, brilliant colour.

Paper Format

Maximum sheet size: 18” x 26” (457 mm x 660 mm, incl. SRA2 ) and potentially larger custom configuration

Minimum sheet size: 8” x 8” (203.2 mm x 203.2 mm)

Paper Weight

Simplex Paper Path 75 to 350 gsm (20 to 130lb)

Duplex Paper Path 75 to 240 gsm (20 to 90lb)

Lighter weight materials may be used, subject to testing.


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