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Not all customers want their work printing on the same substrates.

Not all print engines print on a wide range of substrates

Sometimes, it really IS all about SIZE.

The Ricoh ProC9100 incorporates technology that works with a wide range of substrates, and some long ones too!

Hmm…size does matter after all..

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konica minolta logo

We are very pleased to announce that we have formerly added Konica Minolta to our range of products giving our customers access to a wider range of solutions.

Along with refinements in speed and substrate ranges, the Konica Minolta bizhub 1100 press delivers:-

Excellent image quality with the smoothest finish in the industry, (the closest we have found to offset look and feel)

Natural image textures from new SIMITRI HD E toner for better half-tones and skin-tones

Wider gamut in red than most competitors

High productivity with first rate SRA3 speeds

Flexible media handling through an enhanced media library

Air-suction feeding for more reliability

These are only a few of the features available from this product.

For a closer look, call us on 01707 888501

KM 1100


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olive ipad

Technology moves on, particularly when related to connectivity and the explosion of ‘digital’ platforms.

This video, made circa 2003, suggests how technology will develop up to 2020.

What do you think? Are we there already? Or do we still have a long way to go?

And whilst I’m asking questions, can anybody tell me who made this video?


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nuvera 144

The Xerox Nuvera production monochrome printer is not just about high about speed black and white printing, although it fills this function very well.

The following video displays information relating to extra feeding capabilities through roll-to-cut sheet processes that keep the press running longer AND 3rd party finishing options that reduce manual processes and get the finished job out faster.

With print speeds from 100ppm to 316ppm and a huge range of feeding and finishing options, the Xerox Nuvera can meet the needs of most businesses.

Want more information??… call 01707888500

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right route

We hear this a lot.

With so many choices in the production print workspace from entry level colour to high volume continuous feed colour or monochrome, it’s no wonder that choosing the right product for you can be difficult.

Each manufacturers’ salesforce will tell you with unbridled certainty that ‘their’ devices are industry leading and world class and of course they are all right.

It doesn’t follow that theirs is the most suitable for your applications, environment and customer needs.

Being an independent supplier we don’t carry such bias.

At Smart Print we focus on helping you to find the most appropriate fit for your business, ensuring you maintain your current standards and develop new revenue streams where possible.

Whilst printing technology is a key component, it does not solve all aspects.

There is the issue of upfront software, be it web2print or proofing and design.

There is the issue of finishing, be it inline or near line.

And there is the issue of finance, be it cash or lease.

Our relationships with leading manufacturers for all of the above means that we can help with all of these processes,

Yes, we do want to ‘sell you a machine’, because that is what we do, but with a wider range in our portfolio than most of our competition, we think your eenie, meenie, minie, moe decision should be about whom your supplier is and not which engine your buy.

Eenie, meenie, minie, moe…Oh.. Smart Print…



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DT HLC images

Monochrome printing is big business and still provides an ongoing revenue stream for most print providers.
A lot of this work relates to transactional applications such as bills and statements.
Adding one colour to your document can really help your message stand out.
Two colour digital printing at the running cost close to monochrome….


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packaging range

In runs as short as ONE

In very wide substrate ranges up to 620 microns

With a colour gamut to suit most brands

And ‘food safe’ for packaging.

Not possible with digital?????.. It is now!



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