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IJP 2000

IJP 2000

The Xerox IJP2000 wide format inkjet printer is now supplied with the Caldera RIP and online scanner at a price that will surprise you.

Print speeds up to 420 square meters per hour

Multiple print heads for increased productivity

Multiple substrates including vinyls, fabrics, films and papers

For more information, or to book a demonstration call 01707 888500

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foil image (1)

The new range of Matrix Laminators make it much easier to laminate and foil for a finish that is simply amazing.

Useful for book covers, business card, brochures, menus and flyers.

With an option for laminating both sides at the same time, the new Matrix Duplex is an incredibly cost-effective system that allows printers to laminate single-side, double-side and encapsulate their work, in-house.

Available as either a full system or a modular retrofit for the multilingual MX-530, the Duplex will laminate both sides of the printed sheet at the same time, halving your production time. Whether you gloss the front and matt the back, or use Anti-scratch film on both sides of the print, changing rolls takes a matter of minutes.

Foiling, Spot UV-style effect & Holographic films.
The Matrix® Pneumatic systems can now create foiling and spot UV-style effects, in 4 Easy Steps.

Special dies are not required to create these new effects. They’re achieveable due to the adjustable pressure from the pneumatic rollers, using any digital printer.

The process to create such effects on-demand still works by using heat transfer technology, but at a fraction of the cost of producing individual dies for each job.

Matrix 370P laminator

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variable drop size

Tricky question this because there are so many machines entering the marketplace and depending on which manufacturer you engage with, the information you receive will be ‘slanted’ to favour their device.

Not so at Smart Print Technology because we only suggest the product that best suits YOUR needs.

We are not blinded by manufacturer bias and neither will we give you negative feedback on the devices we can’t sell.

If you would like an INDEPENDENT view on machines from Xerox, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, Delphax and Screen please get in touch.

Unbiassed opinions are rare, but we like to think ‘worth the time’.

For more information, contact us on 01707 888500 or email



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