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Exceptional paper handling and image quality is all you need right?

But what if you are running lots of six-page A4 jobs and need bigger feed and exit units?

long sheet stacker 2

And what if a fifth colour of gold, silver, white or clear just doesn’t light you up?

neoon yellow 1

And how about printing metallic colours?

metallic 1

Stop asking yourself ‘If only’, because it’s all there for you right now.

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packaging range

Image quality should be a given, shouldn’t it?

But what about the output textures?

Whilst a large portion of printed work is a simple combination of coated substrates and high image quality, some customers are looking for something a bit different.

direct applications

Printing directly onto plastic bottles, aluminium cans and plastic packaging can’t be done…can it?

evo output

Images that you can feel as well as see, must require some very tricky print methods, surely?

In both cases we can supply you with the right equipment.

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Our current range of digital and inkjet printers will really surprise you with the fifth colour options or colour gamut extensions that they support.

neon yellow 2This really is a question of ‘what suits you and your customers best’?

white on silverPure white on silver substrates.

metallic 1

Or metallic output that glows under UV light.

The possibilities for your output are endless….It’s a question of what your clients need or how you can enhance their existing work for mutual benefit.

For more information on the extended colour gamuts and fifth colours that our current range supports, please call 01707 888500


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Konica Minolta’s newly launched AccurioJet KM-1 sheet-fed B2+ UV inkjet digital press, and the bizhub PRESS C71hc light production press, have been recognised as best in their class by the European Digital Press (EDP) Association, an industry forum for digital print production established 10 years ago by six trade publications from around Europe. One of the tasks of EDP is to acknowledge the value of the research and development tasks of the industry, granting awards to the best products of the year and to inform all European professionals about such distinctions.

km 1

Konica Minolta’s AccurioJet KM-1 has been named “Best cut sheet colour B2+ printer” in the 2016 EDP Awards, while the Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS C71hc has won the “Best cut sheet colour light production” category. The awards were presented to the company at the official EDP Award Ceremony, at the drupa fair in Düsseldorf.

The Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS C71hc is an SRA3 digital press aimed at commercial printing and high volume CRD environments. The 71 A4 pages-per-minute press uses a unique High Chroma (hc) toner which widens the colour gamut and adds vibrancy to CMYK-printed RGB images.

71HC Gamut

For more information on both products, call 01707 888500 or email


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The speeds and productivity levels of continuous-feed colour inkjet systems are indeed very impressive. In fact, they are comparable to the speed of sheet-fed offset presses. Getting to that level of productivity has symbolical importance, because it means that digital print has moved to a new level beyond simple short runs and quick turnaround work. This has created two classes of digital print with a divide in between.

There is a gap of unmet need between these two areas, and underneath that gap is an area that InfoTrends calls the ‘Zone of Disruption.’

Within the Zone of Disruption there are major opportunities for high-speed colour inkjet products that have high levels of productivity, competitive running cost, and an acquisition price less than $1 million.
These opportunities are:
Offset preprint replacement– There is a large installed base of monochrome electrophotographic products that are focused mainly on mail applications, such as transactional print and direct marketing. Many of these sites are using offset-printed shells (i.e., pre-printed forms) for the colour component of the document and are then ‘lasering’ on the variable data. This is a technology nightmare for the monochrome cut-sheet toner devices, since ink from the pre-printed shells may transfer to imaging or fusing components, causing service issues. To be able to print ‘white paper in, full colour out’ with compelling cost metrics, using inkjet, avoids this dilemma. In addition, it eliminates the logistic nightmare of keeping preprinted stock up-to-date and in sufficient quantities.
Cost effective production of mixed black & white and colour content – End users balk at paying a premium for documents printed on colour devices, particularly when the document may include significant subsections of monochrome content. The ability to produce monochrome, light coverage colour, and full colour pages cost-effectively, using a single device, is very desirable in the production market. It has happened already for continuous feed. Now is the time for it to happen for cut sheet.
On demand / Just in time production – Digital print is very well suited to the on-demand or just-in-time production of promotional and publication applications, yet the run lengths, volume levels, and range of required substrates can make it difficult to address these workflows with continuous feed devices. A cut-sheet inkjet device could bring a strong level of application flexibility to on-demand and just-in-time production workflows at more competitive cost levels than colour electrophotography.
Filling the cost / productivity gap – Products with a relatively low cost of acquisition, but which have a high level of productivity, have a disruptive opportunity between the high end of cut-sheet colour electrophotographic products and the low end of continuous-feed colour inkjet systems. The key is that the system’s cost, productivity, and quality levels should be appropriate for the target application.

For more information, or a copy of an Infotrends white paper on High Speed Inkjet, please call 01707 888500 or email

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High-speed color inkjet products have entered the market and are operating at high productivity and low running cost levels. They have mostly been successful in continuous-feed designs that cost more than a million dollars. That being said, a new class of products is entering the market at lower price points. This is opening up opportunities for print service providers in new and exciting ways.
One example of this class of products is the Delphax elan 500, a cut-sheet color inkjet printer capable of handling sheets sizes much larger than most production color digital print products. The elan 500 is disruptive because of its capital acquisition and running costs, its unique format, its speed, and its suitability for a range of print applications.


The larger format size of the Delphax elan 500 opens up some production and application opportunities that are not possible with smaller format devices (for example, two-up impositions of legal size direct mail pieces).

Users interested in inkjet need to identify the right application fit. Inkjet technology has significant advantages for direct mail, financial documents (like bills and statements), and books, particularly on uncoated papers with lower ink coverage. Innovative users are also finding other applications to help drive volume.

First shown in concept design at drupa in 2012, the Delphax elan 500 is a production color inkjet system capable of speeds of up to 500 letter-sized images per minute. With a larger maximum sheet size1 than most competitive products, the elan 500 can print multi-up impositions at a range of sizes.

For more information, including your copy of an Infotrends White Paper, please call 01707 888500 or email



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