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Well that’s what it says on the cover!!

This is a really great booklet, picked up in DRUPA. It was put together by industry stalwart, Neil Falconer of Printfuture and gives some good tips and hints on how to increase your business.

A short excerpt….

The vast majority of print providers pay very little attention to their company strategy and professional business planning. Irrespective of the size of your organization or the markets it serves, effective strategy and planning the right business model has never been more important. Strategic shifts in local and global demographics, economics and consumer lifestyles are fundamentally changing the demand for print. At the same time, technological development is both reducing the demand for conventional print and creating fresh opportunities for digital print. Printers the world over must review how their specific markets are evolving and make decisive investment decisions based on their findings.

The print market is becoming increasingly commoditized with print prices in decline and margins being eroded year on year. Print companies are finding it hard to win new business and create customer value.

Therefore, it is essential that they run a ruthlessly efficient and fully automated production environment in order to remain competitive.

The latest industry trends show that less than 20% of printers have a fully automated colour managed workflow, which means that 80% have a great opportunity to reduce cost and become more productive and profitable.

Over the past ten years, numerous markets like transactional documents, book production, wide format print and more recently packaging have been redefined by simultaneous trends related to electronic delivery of content and on demand digital printing. Smartphones, e-book readers, and tablet computers have changed the way that many readers consume content. The landscape has changed and agile print service providers have an opportunity to benefit from these developments by producing a range of new print applications. They can offer new low run, high value applications, which create new business models and improve return on investment across the supply chain.

The question is which applications and how to implement them successfully. When nothing much is changing, finding better ways to do what we’ve always done is good enough.

But our industry isn’t simply changing — it is being redefined, restructured and customer demands are reshaping our services and products. This makes it essential to plan ahead and no longer use the excuse of being too busy not to plan and improve.

There are a lot of ways to add value in our industry and they all require careful planning, whether its’ becoming the most efficient, lowest cost provider in a commodity market to creating marketing programmes that integrate print and variable digital content.

Without a clear well implemented plan companies continually react to circumstances and trends beyond their control. We must all change the culture in our business so we proactively make things happen, creating positive change, because in the future good planning will be the defining factor between success and failure.


For more information on the content of this fabulous booklet, please email or call 07518 604611.





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right route



If you ask a salesperson working for one of the leading manufacturers, his/her answer will be the machine at the top of their own portfolio.

Every Xerox salesperson believes that every printer wants an iGen.

Strange really because every Ricoh salesperson thinks you want a ProC9100 and every Konica Minolta salesperson is convinced that a KM1100 will solve world hunger.

You can’t blame them for this thinking, it’s just a simple process of ‘making the most of what you’ve got’.

Of course, this hasn’t answered your first question about ‘Which is the best digital printer?’.

At Smart Print Technology, we are firmly on the fence with this question and we are not getting off because the answer is just not that simple.

Try a different question…’Which is the best digital printer for MY print environment?

That puts us one step closer to getting off the fence although this exercise can only be completed once we have asked you a whole host of questions and given you a right good listening to!

When we think we understand your needs for NOW and where they are going in the FUTURE (short term, mid-term and long term), only then will we get off the fence and give you our opinion of ‘Which is the best digital printer for YOUR business’.

This expertise does not come cheap. In fact, we expect to be priced at around the same as most manufacturer sales people for all three manufacturers.

Only you can decide if independent opinions carry any value.

For more information, or to arrange a discussion, contact 01707 888500 or email

N.B. We reserve the right to introduce software automation technologies and a whole host of feeding/finishing devices into the conversation, because we know a lot about that too!



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