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neoon yellow 1

At the Ricoh New Worlds event we saw a ProC71000 enabled with the new Neon Yellow fifth colour station.

It looks fantastic and really catches the eye.

More colours to follow in 2017, these being Silver, Gold and Neon Pink.

If you have a high volume need for silver/gold, this can be fulfilled with a vivid laminator (post process) or a Kurz DM Liner if you want to put foil effects onto plain paper and then over-print CMYK

Need more information? Contact  call 07518 604611 or join the Ricoh ProC user group in Linked In. ( ) …but ONLY if you have a ProC.


neon yellow 3


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Did you know…Digital devices use inks/toners with a superior colour gamut to traditional inks?

We can help you to take advantage of this by generating an Extended Colour Gamut design, that has been expanded to achieve deeper more saturated colours.

This workflow can only be used with digital, inkjet or toner devices, as those devices use pigments with a vastly wider gamut to traditional printing inks.

A traditional ECG workflow requires the printing of up to seven colours, however, an alternative to printing a true ECG workflow, would be to convert images to generate a CMYK design, plus up to three ECG spot colours.

Using intelligent colour palettes, designers can now create artworks in an extended gamut, match Brand ID colours, and all within a familiar environment.

There’s no complex software to learn and no prerequisites to send your files to a printer with specialised separation technology.

Want to know more?? Get in touch… or call 07518 604611..



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white on silver

Using Color Logic software, the process of creating metallic colours has just become a lot easier.

The Process Metallic Color System™ enables offset, flexo, inkjet, and digital presses to produce striking metallic images, 250new metallic colours, and light-changing decorative effects.

Printers and converters can utilize the Color-Logic system in three manufacturing processes:
1) Overprint Color-Logic BEST Silver Ink with ordinary CMYK process inks
2) Print on metallic substrates using an opaque white ink and ordinary CMYK inks
3) Print on clear film using a white ink and ordinary CMYK process inks to produce shrink sleeves or laminating onto a metallic substrate or product.

Since the process only involves 5 colours, no matter how many of our metallic colours or effects you choose, the cost benefit of being able to print multiple SKUs on one form will be a huge.

Want to know more, get in touch..01707 888500 or email


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