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Courtesy of Oracle cloud, this short video looks at how you convert your inbound sales leads into orders.

Taking into account the ‘digital body language’ of the people you focus your attention on, will allow you to deliver consistently more relevant messages with ever improving results

Sales and marketing should be the very bet of friends, but to achieve that, they need to work together.

For a more detailed discussion around how improving your marketing can help increase your sales, get in touch…. 01707 888500 or email

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Courtesy of Oracle cloud, this short video looks at how you engage with your prospects, focussing on their digital journey.

What are your prospects looking for?

Where are they looking?

Can you track activity?

Can you engage with them on what they want or need?

More valuable pointers, helping your marketing journey.

For a more detailed discussion around how this can help increase your business and deliver more for your customers, get in touch…. 01707 888500 or email


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Using a series of short videos from Oracle, I’d like to get your started on a short journey into modern marketing.

This series won’t solve all your problems or give you all the answers, but it will start you along the road.

For a more detailed discussion around how this can help increase your business and deliver more for your customers, get in touch…. 01707 888500

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Prior to now, the production digital color market has evolved into two classes based on acquisition price and speed—cut-sheet toner and continuous-feed inkjet.

Cut-sheet toner: These devices are generally less than 200 pages per minute in speed and are represented by products ranging from light production color offerings like the Xerox 700 to production color printers like iGen, averaging hundreds of thousands of impressions per month in short-run, quick turnaround, and print-on-demand applications.

Continuous feed inkjet: Starting around 2008, very fast continuous-feed inkjet printers entered the market. A key turning point was the ability to print 600 dot-per-inch resolution at very high speed (comparable to offset presses). These are typically multi-million dollar investments that are capable of printing millions of impressions per month. The running cost and throughput of these continuous-feed inkjet devices are brining them into higher and higher volume use in applications such as transaction, books, and direct mail.

And that’s where the difficulty of entering this market—or expanding upon existing investments—has been for many. The high cost of acquisition has limited the inkjet opportunity to those with ultra-high volumes. Until now.

Introducing… the Xerox Rialto 900 Inkjet Press


An entry level aqueous inkjet printer, narrow web, for lower productivities giving access to the inkjet production costs, even with 1 million pages per month

It is the first roll to cut full colour narrow web duplex printer

Want to know more? Contact 01707 888500 or email

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xerox rialto

Xerox® Rialto™ 900 Inkjet Press

Time to rethink inkjet…..?

The big performance of production inkjet printing is now available in a smaller, more efficient, more flexible package. Rethink inkjet with the Xerox® Rialto900 Inkjet Press, and significantly transform your business potential

The Xerox® Rialto™ 900 Inkjet Press design removes the primary barriers to entering the dynamic production inkjet market—cost and complexity—providing an exciting opportunity for business growth. The press delivers excellent performance to help meet demanding SLAs while providing ultimate efficiency and flexibility at a never-before-seen size.


White paper-in productivity – Designed for roll in, cut sheet out performance, the Rialto 900 minimizes complexity while maximizing output from a unique, small footprint.

High-quality prints – 1000 x 1000 dpi visual resolution prints provide eye-catching results for transaction, transpromo and direct mail jobs.

Ease of use – Next generation product and user interface design make getting started with inkjet or insourcing applications easy.


All-in-one integration – Nearly everything you need to achieve maximum production inkjet power is wrapped up in one easy-to-use package, simplifying the process of delivering high-value inkjet jobs.

Lower costs – An elegant, compact design uses less power and produces less waste.

Maximum productivity – Keeping the Rialto 900 running productively doesn’t take time away from an operator’s day, especially when compared with other inkjet products. The press’ simple design and straight paper path make routine maintenance tasks easy so jobs keep printing


Migrate or share – Move jobs from offset, higher-end inkjet or cut sheet digital presses with ease. Or take advantage of the Rialto 900 to provide cost-effective inkjet redundancy. The press’s workflow and outstanding quality make it a good shop floor citizen who likes to share.

Work… flows – With support for both Adobe PDF or native IPDS data streams and a modern interactive controller, the Rialto 900 press makes it easy to expand your definition of “inkjet jobs.”


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Does your business produce printed work for the following industries?:-

Bank & Finance





Retailers & Wholesalers


Government & Administration

Advertising, Internet and e-Commerce


Are the issues you experience related to?:-

Promotional documents, for example: Mail merge for direct marketing,

Postcards and promotional documents, tickets, numbered flyers, and similar

Addressed documents: Mail merge, numbered documents, postal barcodes, and similar

Transactional documents, for example: invoices, statements, delivery notes, trans-promotional documents, and similar

Forms: delivery notes, returns, data-capturing, and similar


If I told you that we have a software solution that can make all this easier and provide benefits like:

Reduced manual handling by automating processes

Reduced postage costs

Increased efficiency, without changing existing environments

Increase capacity and performance

Reduced IT costs

Environmentally friendly, through reduced paper consumption

Continuity, guaranteed by maintaining standards


All from an easy to use interface, with drag and drop features…

Are you intrigued enough to get in touch?

…. 01707 888500 or email and ask

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We have a number of Xerox Versant 80s and 2100s
in a range of configurations,
ready for delivery!!

Key features:-
2400 x2400 dpi
52gsm to 350gsm substrate range
660mm x 330mm maximum sheet size
wide range of finishing options

Call 01707 888500 for more information



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