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The basic answer is…we sell industry leading digital printers…inkjet, wide format, continuous feed, monochrome and full colour…and we have an amazing range.

When it comes to cu sheet digital laser colour printers, The Xerox iGen is the Rolls Royce


Our inkjet offerings include all current Xerox devices such as the Rialto or the new Brenva..


If you need productivity with 400gm auto duplex and 700mm x300mm auto duplex then the Ricoh ProC9100 is the answer.

Productivity and image quality on a whole new level

Productivity and image quality on a whole new level

Metallic dry inks for stationery and invitations.. oh yes…Xerox CXP1000/800


Very high quality photo-quality colour with automated colour controls, Xerox Versant 3100


Five colours, including WHITE, CLEAR, NEON YELLOW and a very wide range of substrates, (coloured, synthetic, textured, envelopes, uncoated).. the Ricoh ProC7100

Ricoh Pro C71xx

Mid volume full colour with a wide range of feeding and finishing options at a realistic price, the Xerox Versant 180 (our biggest selling product by far!)

Xerox Versant 180 press with performance package

If your needs for white and clear are low volume and only ‘occasional’ then perhaps the OKI Pro9541 would suit?

oki es 9541

And what about wide format? We have flatbeds, hybrids, UV, and textile printers up to 3.2m wide.

TS2513-800x600Hybrid R180 WITH TEXTMT-TEXTILE - With TextPC-1600MT-3207DE With Text

If you go this far, please tell me.. what did we miss?

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metallic bus cards

No! I am not talking about the election (YAWN!),… although….

Elections are good for the print industry so why don’t we all get together, split the vote and then have another election in 12 months?

Printing election applications is pretty easy because Blue, Green, Orange, Purple or Red, it’s all straight forward stuff.

But what if we want to make it a little bit special?

What if a metallic version of ‘all of the above’ is what you are after?

metallic bus cards


With Smart Print and Ricoh we can give you the option of printing metallic versions of all the colours in your digital gamut.

Not for you just gold and silver… you can do the lot.

If the back-side of your business cards would look better in a metallic version of your corporate colour, then vote for us……. what a winner!

For more information call 07518 604611 or email



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