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Yes, I know the headline picture is Yoda and I do understand that this is stretching the naming convention just a little bit, but, there is a connection.

Our new Yotta F2513R%-40 flat bed printer is capable of printing onto items up to 400mm high!

Right on the tope of Yodas’ head yotta f2513r540

Key features

Unique maximum 400mm Print Height for specialty products

CMYK-Lc-Lm-White-Varnish Options

3D Multi Layer – Embossing effects

Zonal Vacuum System for small product printing

Pin Registration System for accurate positioning

Reverse Vacuum for ease of media handling

Automatic Head Height Measuring

Dual negative pressure system

Anti-Collision system to protect print heads from damage.

For more information call 01707 888500 or email


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iridesse six colours

The new Xerox Iridesse promises to deliver new markets with six-colour printing in one pass that includes gold and silver.

Output quality is stunning.

iridesse gold iridesse mixed

In addition to new dry inks, Xerox has also launched the Xerox Crease and two-sided trimmer.

Designed to support folded/trimmed applications such as Booklets, Greetings Cards, Menus and multi fold sheets on substrates from 60gsm to 350gsm

This short video will show you how:-

For more information, call 01707 888500 or email


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ProC9200 unveil

We have a few spaces let at our upcoming open day where you can see the new ProC9200 in action. Ricoh Customer Experience Centre, Telford:       Thursday 7th June, 10:00a.m. to 16:00pm

Productivity is key along with a wide range of substrates that make a compelling argument for your business


We will be unveiling the ProC9200 in the showroom, followed by a tour of the Ricoh factory where you can see how these devices are built.

With support from our business partner, Vpress, we hope to show you a route to growth.

For more information call Paul stead on 07518 604611, or register by visiting our website.


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