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As a supplier of Ricoh and Xerox printers, we ‘think’ we know what we are doing, however, we are constantly impressed with the varied output that our clients produce.

That same output is a result of customer creativity working with technology for a ‘WOW’ factor that drives revenues.

To support your creativity, we are constantly developing our product portfolio to give you more areas where your profit can improve.

Question is…which area suits you best?

The new Xerox Iridesse

iridesse six colours

The worlds six colour digital printer to feature silver and gold in a single pass!

Now with white and long sheet functionalities

The Ricoh ProC range

pro c9200

High volume printing at 470gsm auto duplex (600 microns) up to 1030mm x 330mm, or metallics and white, clear, invisible red, neon yellow and neon pink 5th colour stations


The Yotta large format range

yotta f2513r540

From 1.8m hybrid (roll or flatbed) UV with white, up to 3.5m textile, UV or solvent printing for every possible large format application, including a device with a head that lifts up to 40CM for printing onto boxes!

We have a print device to suit most needs, backed by manufacturer service and supported by industry leading software solutions such as Coreprint Web2print (Vpress) and finishing for all things digital.

If you would like more information on any of these products, please get in touch. or call 01707 888500


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iridesse full length

We have been waiting very patiently for this device and now, at last the wait is over.

Six colours in one pass.

Includes silver, gold, white and clear

The combinations of colour are amazing

The output is simply stunning

Want to see one? Get in touch… or call 01707 888500

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Over the last five years, Smart Print has been fortunate to arrange open days that give customers the chance to compare the leading digital presses on the same day.

This year, we have what we believe is the ultimate fifth colour comparison

iridesse full length

Xerox Iridesse or Ricoh Proc7200

proc 7200

Very different volumes and very different output, according to manufacturer launch information.

What we want to know is…. Which one suits YOUR environment?

We are planning an open day at Ricoh (Staines) and Xerox (Uxbridge) to give you the chance to print your output on both devices.

Want to know more??? Get in touch, or call 01707 888500


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