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metallic bus cards

The packaging sector is enjoying a period of growth, some as a result of our rampant search for all things personalised and others as a change in the way products are taken to market.

In the last few months I have been asked to personalise bread, chocolates, wine, beer and a whole range of luxury items that maintain a ‘brand’ whilst reaching out to the individual.

Designing the label is as easy as producing a colour leaflet. As designers and printers, this is bread & butter stuff.

Designing the label with metallics or personalising it…now that is sexy.

But, how do you do it?

Let’s start with beer labels as an easy one

These can be metallic in look and feel or just plain old fashioned CMYK (still an acceptable flavour.. pardon the pun).

This short video from color logic will give you and overview of how the products work together and how simple adobe plug-ins can achieve amazing results.

The creation software is one aspect of this process, but when working with the right substrates and personalisation software, every beer label you produce in future will be aimed at an individual.

At our next Print With Pride event, on 15th May in central London, we will be showing you how to produce personalised beer labels.

Our partner will be on hand to explain their aspect of this application Vpress…world beating web2print solutions Ashgate Automation….finishing that adds the right touch Antalis….more substrate choices that you could imagine

Register and we will have a beer waiting for you…with YOUR name on it!

For more information call Paul Stead on 07518 604611 or register:

Kelv beer


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Kelv beer


We have two open days scheduled in May with some very different approaches.

The first is at Ricohs’ central London showroom where we will be showing how easily you can produce personalised labels.

Our partners, Antalis, Ashgate Automation and Vpress will be on site to show how the right blend of software, substrate, print and finish can help you deliver a number of labelling and packaging options.

Afterwards, we think a few beers might be in order!

To join us on 15th May, please follow this link to register, www.printwithpride/register-london/

The second event will be held on 23rd May in the Wellington.

This is the first time that Print With Pride has ventured west and we are really looking forward to the start of a new tradition.

For more information on these events, please email or call 01707 888500


metallic apps

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metallic apps

There is one phrase that we hear over and over at our Print With Pride events and that is:- ”I didn’t know you could do that!”

Mainly because as vendors we are hooked on ‘feeds and speeds’ and forget to inform you of the applications that new technology can introduce.

One such being, ‘metallic colours.’

With the right software and appropriate print engine, the range of colours you can produce will surprise you.

Matched with suitable substrates, the output options will allow you to fulfil print jobs that you might otherwise turn away.

Short run packaging, flyers, tickets and even direct mail pieces can now ‘sparkle’ in a way that only larger printers could previously support.

For more information, email or come and visit a Print with Pride event near you..

Our next is 15th May in central London.

metallic bus cards


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