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Precision Printing has bought its third and fourth Ricoh presses in time for the 2019 peak period.

Precision Printing has installed a pair of Ricoh cut sheet digital presses, doubling the number of Ricoh machines on the floor at its Dagenham factory.

The two latest machines are Pro C9210 presses with long sheet capability. They join two Pro C9200s that were installed 12 months ago, all by Smart Print. They are in place ahead of the seasonal rush says chief executive Gary Peeling. “They will ensure that we have available capacity over the peak period,” he says.

The company has been growing all round with its online trade printing Where The Trade Buys operation enjoying double digit growth over the last 12 months to add to growing volumes from consumer jobs for photo products, books and other products where Precision fulfils the orders.

The first Ricohs have proved their worth alongside the company’s four SRA3 HP Indigos and two B2 Indigos. “They have proven to be very successful for us,” says Peeling. “They deliver the quality, the performance and the reliability we need.” They also provide cost-effective support to the ten press digital operation. The digital production runs alongside litho provided by two RMGT 928 LED UV SRA1 perfecting presses.

The machines are configured to take a long sheet, even though they will be printing standard SRA3 sheets almost all the time. Should the company need a longer sheet than this, it has the larger format Indigos to meet this requirement, Peeling points out.

The combination of Ricoh alongside Indigo is proving a popular one, particularly in e-commerce set ups. A number of direct to consumer print operations have added these machines to support Indigo output.

The company has recently installed a second Scodix digital embellishment press after taking on production from RCS after Australian owner CMYK Hub pulled out of the UK print market earlier this year.

For a short video on the installation, follow this link:-


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People know that we supply a great range of cut-sheet printers, BUT, did you know that we also supply large format devices and cutting tables?

Michael Woolsey, of the Wimbledon Print Company,

recently invested in Xenons M180 1.8m Hybrid printer at this years FESPA.

This device uses 2nd generation UV inks with CMYK + W and automatic head height adjustment to allow printing onto a wide range of media types, up to 30mm thick.

With 5 full size 3mx1.5m boards being completed in an hour, this device is helping Michaels team to deliver BIGGER and faster than ever before.

Producing output direct to rigid or roll material, this hybrid device is truly flexible and productive.

Smart Print is very pleased to have supplied this printer.

For more information, call 01707 888500 or visit us at the Print Show this September, where will be showing a similar device

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Times, they are a changing! In the world of UK print, there seems to be an ongoing theme of ‘business closed’ with many reasons being cited such as ‘poor payers’, ‘constrained margins’, ‘unmanageable deadlines’ or pressure from trade-printers driving the sales value down. (I’m not sure that I agree with the last one, because, in my opinion, some trade suppliers provide a method of combatting the former!)

The reality is that the market has changed and the way we buy things has changed. We need to embrace the madness.

Rather than spout my own opinions on this, I asked a trusted and very learned friend for his views and he is happy for me to share them.

Cue Mark Stephenson on his vision of ‘the new economy’……what do you think?

The new economy

Had the internet been around hundreds of years ago, we may not have needed Isabella d’Este, Lorenzo de’ Medici, Nikolaus Esterházy and Henry Carey. Among others, they provided start-up funding to Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Joseph Haydn and William Shakespeare respectively.

The modern equivalent of patronage is project funding platforms like or The model is basically the same: people with talent but not money are funded by people with the latter and, probably not the former, to deliver products or services at some time in the future. The only difference is scale. Ownership is not necessarily the end result.

I’m a patron of the arts

I’m a big fan of internet-based radio service Rusty Hodge and his team curate over 20 themed radio stations playing an eclectic mix of non-mainstream music. I fund their efforts by buying horrendously overpriced branded clothing which allows them to stay “on-air”, advert-free, for my enjoyment.

In a similar way I pay £10 a month to rent all the on-demand music I need. I sold all my CDs two years ago. Others subscribe to all-you-can-eat services like Amazon Prime or for TV and film.

Make then sell, sell then make

An example that’s relevant to the world of print is web-to-print, which has enabled many print service providers to offer products that do not exist until someone orders and then, most often, pays for them. In an ideal world the money is in the bank before production starts.

Moving on a step further, I recently bought some print that I could have obtained for as little one US cent. I bought a poster by artist Joshua Ellingson – He decided to offer a print of his artwork “Free Wi-Fi” and allowed the purchaser to set the price – anything from 1 cent to around $100. I wouldn’t have looked at buying if the offer had not caught my eye through people talking about it on Twitter. He suggested $20-30 was a good price, I entered my offer (you’ll have to guess how much) and the giclée print made its way to me through the post. It’s hanging on the wall of my office where I’m typing these ramblings.

The new economy is what we make it

Want a sure-fire formula for you and your customers to benefit from ‘the new economy’?

There isn’t one.

Maybe the new economy doesn’t exist, but one thing is very real: people who consume print, order print and produce print are thinking in new ways and if we don’t “get-it” we won’t get it.

If you’re looking for a poorly contrived link to Fujifilm products, there isn’t one of those either (not even a web link). This is a free service with no strings attached although similar content may appear here from time to time



free wifi


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baltaro 2

High Fusion inks delivering high image quality

197 a4 full colour images per minute

Mono only print capability

Smaller footprint than you would expect

Low power consumption

Need more information?

Get in touch,… or call 01707 888500

baltaro 1

inkjet range



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When was the last time that one of your clients said this to you?

I recently attended a school reunion event that I had produced lay-flat A4 landscape photobooks for.

The booklets include NFC tags with a link to a video and a number of pages of textured stocks with neon colours and metallic output.

The audience was my old school friends none of which are printing companies, but many of which are involved in marketing, communications, advertising, healthcare and a number of others who are Managing Directors of their own companies, who make use of brochures.

Their reactions was refreshing, because I tend to forget just how impactful print can be, especially when the right type of finishing, software and substrate is used.

Our next Print With Pride event will be held at Ashgate Automotive in Chalgrove, OX44 7RW on Tuesday 16th July.

We will be showing their fantastic range of finishing devices and sharing with you, just how impactful a great piece of print can be.

Want to WOW your own clients? Come along

To register, follow this link:-

Or call Paul Stead on 07518 604611


a4 layflat pwp

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hp 2

We are collecting quite a list of case studies at Smart Print.

Some talk about the benefits of change when more automation is added.

Others feature on the increased revenues from fifth colours and extended substrates.

But the most common subject are stories where we have moved from expensive and often unreliable equipment to more cost effective and stable solutions.

“HP Indigo are the only ones that give us good enough image quality!”… Sorry, but this is just NOT true!

“Heidelberg have a ‘magic button’ that gives better digital output than any other suppliers.. Also NOT true!

With the correct use of colour profiles and printer artefacts, we can match, or even beat HP Indigo on some of our digital printers.

You don’t have to take my word for it.

We have case studies that prove the point.

If you would like to read about customers that have already seen the benefits, please get in touch.

If you would like to see your own files printed using Fogra profiles for coated/uncoated stocks, get in touch.

The output will stun you!

Happy to share the full case studies with you on request:- please email for more information

hp 1 

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avp 2

The ever-evolving world of Digital Print is pushing boundaries like never before.

Toner based technologies are now a true competitor for traditional printing techniques, with the versatility to print on a wider range of substrates without any kind of pre-treatment or preparation.

Very rarely are we asked to show a 4-colour sample printed on 200gsm silk. This is pretty much a given that this kind of bread and butter work is no problem.

We now find ourselves striving to give the end user that “Added Value” they crave in their design projects.

Extensive testing and collaboration with Paper suppliers is paramount to our future in Digital Print.

With the introduction of Split pack options in buying, we no longer have to buy by the 1000s or tonnage.

The creative print projects are invariably short run so 50-100 sheet packs are a real advantage to the printer.

The Paragraphs below show exactly why we should embrace the Media and substrates we use

avp 1IMG_20190419_1649340


The right media brings you into a whole new world of Digital Print enhancements.

Of the 8 most common listed in the diagram, 6 can be applied in-line with Ricoh print technology.

Using 5th colour toners, White, Neon Yellow and Pink, Clear and UV Invisible Red we can really bring the designs to whole new level.

With White we can print 4 colour imagery on dark coloured or clear transparent materials.

Neons can enhance colour gamut while at the same time helping images leap off the page.

Clear can act as a Watermark in the background or UV effect on printed items.

The ‘Invisible’ UV red can give you the option to print basic security features.

avp 2

These options bring the “Added Value” we are talking about.

The print market is more competitive than ever before so having these options will give you, the print service provider, the chance to bring some margin back into your work.

For more information call Paul Stead on 07518 604611 or email

*Information and support provided by Brad Hyde of Ricoh UK Ltd and Xerox UK marketing



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xenon substrates

At Smart Print, we are well known for the range of cut-sheet colour and monochrome printers that we supply.

Industry leading products, with industry leading service.

What you might not know, is that we can also supply equipment to print onto ‘other’ substrates

You want vibrant and colourful UV inks?… we can do that!

You want strong white ink?… we can do that!

You want a space-saving flat-bed printer with long lasting print heads…we can do that too!

xenon m7151

For more information, get in touch by calling 01707 888500 or email

xenon phots


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Many manufacturers offer ‘white’ ink/toner products, so the choices are there to explore.

BUT, how many of them can produce strong white images in ONE PASS?

They will tell you that the others can’t do it as well as they can

That’s just nonsense!

We supply a number of manufacturer devices and are happy to engage with discussions on all technology.

Right now, I would say the very best value can be achieved with the Ricoh ProC7200X.

Very productive, easy to change fifth colours and handles coloured stocks with ease.

White onto black, red, grey or blue stocks?

No problem.

See for yourself by getting in touch on 01707 888500 or email

The same device can give you the option of adding clear toner to your prints for a ‘background’ security or to highlight a particular area.

Tasty eh?


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profile 1

What do your eyes tell you?

Three prints of the same image, highlighting the differences in output that can be achieved with stock profiling.

200gsm Magno Satin Fogra 51 Coated

200gsm Magno Satin Fogra 52 Uncoated

190gsm Edixion Offset Fogra 52 Uncoated

profile 3

Rocket science and a ‘magic button’, it isn’t, but we do think the results are out of this world.

Some people like ‘shiny’ print, other people like ‘matt’ print.

As a supplier of digital printers, we are very pleased to be able to meet most of your customers needs with one device.

Want to know more?

Get in touch by calling 01707 888500 or email


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