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metallic bus cards

The packaging sector is enjoying a period of growth, some as a result of our rampant search for all things personalised and others as a change in the way products are taken to market.

In the last few months I have been asked to personalise bread, chocolates, wine, beer and a whole range of luxury items that maintain a ‘brand’ whilst reaching out to the individual.

Designing the label is as easy as producing a colour leaflet. As designers and printers, this is bread & butter stuff.

Designing the label with metallics or personalising it…now that is sexy.

But, how do you do it?

Let’s start with beer labels as an easy one

These can be metallic in look and feel or just plain old fashioned CMYK (still an acceptable flavour.. pardon the pun).

This short video from color logic will give you and overview of how the products work together and how simple adobe plug-ins can achieve amazing results.

The creation software is one aspect of this process, but when working with the right substrates and personalisation software, every beer label you produce in future will be aimed at an individual.

At our next Print With Pride event, on 15th May in central London, we will be showing you how to produce personalised beer labels.

Our partner will be on hand to explain their aspect of this application Vpress…world beating web2print solutions Ashgate Automation….finishing that adds the right touch Antalis….more substrate choices that you could imagine

Register and we will have a beer waiting for you…with YOUR name on it!

For more information call Paul Stead on 07518 604611 or register:

Kelv beer


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Kelv beer


We have two open days scheduled in May with some very different approaches.

The first is at Ricohs’ central London showroom where we will be showing how easily you can produce personalised labels.

Our partners, Antalis, Ashgate Automation and Vpress will be on site to show how the right blend of software, substrate, print and finish can help you deliver a number of labelling and packaging options.

Afterwards, we think a few beers might be in order!

To join us on 15th May, please follow this link to register, www.printwithpride/register-london/

The second event will be held on 23rd May in the Wellington.

This is the first time that Print With Pride has ventured west and we are really looking forward to the start of a new tradition.

For more information on these events, please email or call 01707 888500


metallic apps

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metallic apps

There is one phrase that we hear over and over at our Print With Pride events and that is:- ”I didn’t know you could do that!”

Mainly because as vendors we are hooked on ‘feeds and speeds’ and forget to inform you of the applications that new technology can introduce.

One such being, ‘metallic colours.’

With the right software and appropriate print engine, the range of colours you can produce will surprise you.

Matched with suitable substrates, the output options will allow you to fulfil print jobs that you might otherwise turn away.

Short run packaging, flyers, tickets and even direct mail pieces can now ‘sparkle’ in a way that only larger printers could previously support.

For more information, email or come and visit a Print with Pride event near you..

Our next is 15th May in central London.

metallic bus cards

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iridesse gold

We have found that many of our customers who invest in a Variable Data Printing (VDP) solution are seeing their volumes grow, consistently!

At Smart Print, we like to offer our clients ‘choice’ and so we work with a number of providers for VDP and W2P.

All of the solutions below work with optimized pdfs, fully supported by newer RIPS on current Xerox and Ricoh technology.


The UKs leading web2print system and co-founder of the Print With Pride group offers the best value solution to template based variable data printing


Arguably the Rolls Royce of Variable Data Printing with modules to suit all tastes and business sizes. Full text variability in terms of position, font, lay-out etc.


EFI controllers drive most digital cut sheet printers in the UK, often linking to MIS and other workflows Digital Store Front is our efi offering



Fusion Pro, the new workflow from Ricoh provides entry level low cost variable data printing along in an easy to use Abode plug-in method

For more information on any of these solutions, get in touch.

07518 604611

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On March 20th, the ‘International Day of Happiness’,

we will be hosting our next open day at the Ricoh showroom in Staines.

We are thrilled to announce that Mandy Baker will be joining us to discuss

‘Happiness & Well-Being in the Workplace’

as a follow up to her recent Print Week story, Pages 24/25 of Print Week Feb 18th

The most common answer to the question ‘what makes you happy?’ is ‘my family’.

So, we intend to provide a platform to produce your very own ‘family photo book’.

Bring your images and we will show how easily you can create photo-books for your own clients.

Vpress will provide a web-based template system allowing you to upload your images and re-master/re-order them to your preferred design

Antalis will provide digital photo paper that highlights the quality of the images

Smart Print, with our partners at Ricoh, will output the images using the Ricoh Pro C range, which could include the addition of clear toner for images that ‘stand out’.

Ashgate Automation will finish the books in a range of sizes…. Whichever suits YOU best?

This event will take place between 10:00a.m. and 16:00pm at the Ricoh Showroom in Staines and you can register your interest by visiting

Don’t forget to let us know if you have any special dietary requirements and how many will be in your party.

You happy???… We are!

For more information, click the link above,


or call 01707 888500


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metallic bus cards

With Smart Print, you can move beyond just silver, gold and white.

We supply the Xerox Iridesse and the Ricoh ProC7200, arguably the most versatile printers in our range.

Many customers have seen their business grown with the use of CLEAR toner or WHITE toner as fifth colour options.

Now you can add neon pink, neon yellow and invisible red.

But, it is the flexibility these fifth colours enable that makes these applications such a winner.

CLEAR toner is being used to give an effect similar to UV gloss, making images jump from the page.

WHITE is creating high impact window decals or menus onto dark textured substrates.

Perhaps the most impressive is the range of metallic colours that WHITE helps you to achieve.

With Color Logic software and white toner, the range of metallic colours is formidable


If you would like to know more about how to enhance your output with fifth colour embellishments, get in touch. or call 01707 888500

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m200 light blue

Extend your business opportunities with the very latest multi-function UV Hybrid 200 series printers.

Xenons Hybrid 200 series LED UV Curable printers allow fast super high quality printing direct to rigid media and flexible substrates with low ink costs

Automatic Height Adjustment
The machine not only detects the media thickness and adjusts the carriage height automatically but also the software automatically adjusts the head height whilst printing uneven surfaces, ensuring perfect print quality.

Photographic Image output
Patented VSDT technology delivers a ultra high quality prints with multi drop dots from 5pl to 40pl

Media Registration System for both roll and rigid media.
2000 series hybrid prints on flexible and rigid substrates, The media registration system in both X&Y axis makes the operation much easier. For the roll printing, there is a clamp at both sides keeping the edges in line.

Optional White ink
White ink printing adds value on your print work, also extends the substrate possibilities

For more information, call 01707 888500







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The winner of our Valentines poem have received their flowers, much deserved…very talented people;

Congratulations to

Debbie Ward of Print Business magazine


Louise Owen of Bobcat Digital Ltd

both, very talented ladies.

Print with Pride at Shipley Creative

Following our very successful day at Ricoh, Telford,
we are hosting our next open day at
Shipley Creative in Leigh on 27th February.

Shipley Creative
Rear of BJ’s Bingo
Ellesmere Street


10:00a.m. to 16:00p.m.

Shipley Creative supports a large number of Bingo halls across the UK supplying leaflets and POS.

Running two Ricoh ProC9100 printers
and a wide range of finishing equipment,
all fuelled by Coreprint software from Vpress,
they are well placed for trade-work and direct print fulfilment.

For more information, or to book your place, visit

Call 07518 604611 or email


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map of uk

After a very successful event labelled ‘Fall in Love with Print Again’, held at the Ricoh Factory on 12th February, we have decided to take our show ‘on the road’ and deliver our message across the UK.

We have dates and locations planned to meet most needs.

For more information, follow this link:-

Print with Pride is a working collaboration between Antalis, Ashgate Automation, Smart Print and Vpress.

Aimed at design agencies, print service providers and print management companies.

We hope to inspire you on what is possible with new technology, from creation  to finish.

The most common response we hear is ‘Oooooh, I didn’t know you could do that!’








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full v180

Fuji Xerox has developed new post-processing technologies coordinated with print job output, including high-speed, high-accuracy saddle-staple finishing, two-sided trim, and creasing, thus delivering enhanced post-processing functionality as well as an expanded range of compatible paper and improved productivity. Also, because we have standardized the interfaces between all units (including the finishing units and the main unit,) and optimized their paper timing, we were able to divide the various post-processing functions into separate modules, giving customers the freedom to choose the functions they need or to add new functions later. In addition, we have moved the inserter function to the first stage of post-processing, allowing special paper types, or pre-printed pages to be inserted, as covers or inserts with any of the subsequent post-processing functions.

Post-processing technologies delivering high quality and high productivity

Crease Registration correction Two-sided trim Buffer Side staple Stack Saddle staple Face trim Square Fold

Crease/Two-sided Trimmer


This function adds creases in advance to pamphlet covers, cards, etc. where they are to be folded, helping to reduce the occurrence of image cracking and improve the quality of the printed documents. Adding creases for different folding directions (i.e., mountain and valley folds) is done by changing the direction of the two creasing blades accordingly. As many as five creases can be added to a single sheet of paper, and the amount of force used to create the creases can be adjusted depending on the thickness of the paper. A wide variety of folds, including accordion folds, can be achieved with this function.

Registration correction

In keeping with the diversification of print jobs, Fuji Xerox has developed registration correction technology using a roll-swing method to allow for compatibility with heavyweight paper. Registration correction is performed as follows: first, the skew amount (tilt) of a transported sheet of paper is detected by a sensor, and before the paper arrives at the swing roll, the roll is tilted based on the detected skew amount. Then, just after the lead edge of the paper passes through the tilted swing roll, the tilt of the roll is returned to normal, correcting the skew of the paper.

Two-sided trim

In the newly developed two-sided trim function (used to trim the top and bottom of the paper), adjustment of the trimming locations is done automatically by detecting the positions of the sides of each page using a contact image sensor and moving the cutter units to the detected positions, thus achieving improved cutting precision and high-quality post-processing output. In addition, we have adopted a round-bladed cutter to allow for compatibility with paper types ranging from light weight paper (52 gsm) to heavy weight paper (350 gsm), and we have allowed the two cutter units to move independently of one another in order to accommodate paper widths (before cutting) ranging from 196 to 300.2 mm. The dimensions for cutting location and paper width after cutting can be adjusted in increments of 0.1 mm. Also, because the strips of trimming waste are neatly aligned in the dust box with no empty pockets, we were able to reduce the size of the dust box, conserving space. Furthermore, the dust box can be briefly opened and emptied even while a job is running, eliminating the need to stop processing and preventing productivity losses.

Buffer (improving productivity of saddle staple finishing)

Because paper for a subsequent job cannot be transported to the Finisher while saddle stapling / folding for the preceding job is still in progress, in the case of previous models, the subsequent job had to await processing, causing a loss of productivity. To address this problem, the first two sheets of the subsequent job are now held in a buffer path in the Crease/Two-sided Trimmer unit while the preceding job is being processed in the Finisher, and the two sheets are simultaneously transported to the Finisher when it becomes possible to do so. This buffer greatly reduces the total time required for post-processing, improving productivity.

Finisher with Booklet Maker


Many different sizes and types of paper are output to the paper output tray of the Finisher. In the case of lightweight paper or lightweight coated paper, depending on the output angle of the paper and the angle of the tray, poor stacking may occur due to friction between the paper and tray or other sheets of paper. To address this, we have made it possible to switch the angle of the output tray when using lightweight paper or lightweight coated paper, reducing the paper’s frictional resistance. Furthermore, the design of the tray makes it easy for the user to switch between angles while also preventing the angle from changing unintentionally due to the weight of the paper in the tray, etc.

Side staple

The paper compiling area has a two tampers, one on each side, that move independently, allowing the pages to be compiled in the same position in which they are to be output. Corner stapling is done by holding the entire stack of pages between the two tampers and moving it to the stapler all at once, which minimizes the necessary movement of individual sheets of paper. This improves the Finisher’s capability of handling curled paper, increases the speed of post-processing, and enables compilation of smaller paper sizes, thus increasing the range of compatible paper types. To improve productivity, we have added a buffer immediately before the paper compiling mechanism in which two sheets can be stored temporarily. Reducing transport resistance and optimizing the driving control within the buffer path prevents the multiple overlaid sheets of paper from shifting out of position and aligns them as they are being transported.
To reduce the noise caused by operation of the stapler in the Finisher, we have optimized the control of the motor’s current value and used controlled the motor speed using multistage control according to the paper type and number of sheets each time stapling is done. This enables the minimum force necessary to be used when stapling, reducing noise and creating a more pleasant environment.

Saddle staple

In the saddle staple finishing area, we have modified the placement of the stapler and folding rolls and extended the length of the tampers used to compile the paper, thus improving the accuracy of compilation for larger sizes of paper. Also, to deal with curling of the paper due environmental changes, etc. we have added a clamp mechanism to hold the paper in place and reduce the misalignment of the paper caused by bending, etc. Because the paper is secured in the correct position, folding accuracy is improved.

In order to increase the number of pages that can be folded, the folding rolls have a configuration that allows them to swing outward toward both sides. In addition, the pressure of the folding rollers changes to the optimal pressure depending on the number of sheets of paper being folded, and the diameter of the folding rollers has also been optimized, making it possible to reduce the occurrence of wrinkles in the paper whether folding booklets with a few pages or many pages.

SquareFold Trimmer

Face trim

In the cutter where face trimming is performed, we have improved the design of the part used to secure the booklet in place and optimized the amount of pressure used in order to reduce shifting of the booklet during trimming. This makes it possible to perform face trimming in the correct location regardless of the number of sheets in the booklet, delivering high-quality finished output.

Square fold

As the number of pages in a saddle-stapled booklet increases, bulging of the spine occurs. Square fold finishing creates a flat spine by securing the booklet between two clamps, then using a flattening roller to apply pressure to the booklet’s spine. This process reduces the bulging of the spine for high-quality finished output.


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