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metallic bus cards
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With Smart Print, you can move beyond just silver, gold and white.

We supply the Xerox Iridesse and the Ricoh ProC7200, arguably the most versatile printers in our range.

Many customers have seen their business grown with the use of CLEAR toner or WHITE toner as fifth colour options.

Now you can add neon pink, neon yellow and invisible red.

But, it is the flexibility these fifth colours enable that makes these applications such a winner.

CLEAR toner is being used to give an effect similar to UV gloss, making images jump from the page.

WHITE is creating high impact window decals or menus onto dark textured substrates.

Perhaps the most impressive is the range of metallic colours that WHITE helps you to achieve.

With Color Logic software and white toner, the range of metallic colours is formidable


If you would like to know more about how to enhance your output with fifth colour embellishments, get in touch. or call 01707 888500

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