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The iGen Classic programme delivers second user devices at new device standards.

Enjoy the confidence of purchasing from the original equipment manufacturer supply chain.

Xerox certified used printers are refurbished to ensure that they perform to the standards of a newly manufactured Xerox product.

Building upon the hugely successful iGen3 Classic program, we introduce the iGen4 Classic program, where products refurbished to a very high specification are made available to enable revenue generation for a further period of time.

Program Benefits

Cost efficiency, with no limitation to quality or performance.

Made by Xerox, with all Xerox expertise, tooling and testing equipment.

Environmental green, with less use of natural resources and controlled processes for rejected parts.

Highest quality, controlled by various ISO/OHSAS certified processes (ISO9001, 14001, & 24700, OHSAS 18001)

Equipped to work with the latest system SoftwareV4.01

660mm/26″ paper path enabled.

Matte toner enabled.

Equipped with the latest safety and mandatory Mod-Tags.

Employs the existing reverse logistics supply chain

If you think your business would benefit from this programme, get in touch…. 01707 888501


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