Xerox® Colour Rialto Inkjet Press


Xerox-Rialto-Inkjet-PrinterThe Xerox® Rialto™ 900 inkjet press is a major departure from the other production inkjet machines.

It is designed as roll-to-cut-sheet press, and most importantly in a small footprint.

The Rialto 900 transport ‘is’ the unique feature

Putting a sheeter at the end of a web press is not necessarily a new idea, but offering it all together in one compact package is.

The base press dimensions in the standard configuration are 11’9”L x 5’1”D x 5’3”H (3580 mm x 1550 mm x 1600 mm). The standard configuration includes an unwinder, web cleaner, slitter/cutter with four side trimming, a top tray and a high capacity stacker. This is an impressive footprint since the Xerox Color Press can exceed that length with the addition of a high capacity stacker.

The Rialto 900 is a single pass duplex, tight web press which runs at up to 157 feet per minute (48 m/m), which translates into 171 one up letter size sheets (160 A4) duplex per minute.
The printing width is 8.66” (220mm), with a web width of up to 9.84” (250mm). It supports paper weights from 60 to 160 gsm, on a web roll of up to 3.28 ft (100cm) in diameter.

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