Sinajet DK-2513F Digital Flatbed Cutter

The Sinajet DK-2513F Digital Flatbed Cutter is an affordable, digtial flatbed cutter featuring anti-collision and infrared blocking, sound absorption technology low noise, low energy consumption and continuous cutting capacity for improved output efficiency. In addition it features an integrated camera positioning system for accurate cutting no matter where the job is located on the cutting table.

Sinajet digital cutting tables from Smart Print are designed and manufactured with the ability to handle all types of common materials used by British manufacturers from hard signage materials used in the advertising and graphics industries to soft materials such as fabric and leather. The fixed and moving bed Sinajet cutters are able to cut intricate designs, in many materials, hard and soft, and can be configured for greater cutting precision.

Advantages of  Sinajet DK-2513F Digital Flatbed Cutter

      • Modular Cutting Tool System
      • Anti-Collision Device
      • Exclusive Absorption Technology
      • Camera Positioning System
      • Fixed Table Conveyor Table (Model DK-2513)

For full specifications and details please download the brochure below

Download brochure


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