Kodak DARWIN VDP Software

DARWIN VDP Software is an easy-to-use, but powerful solution for creating personalised marketing campaigns maximum marketing impact in print and online media. With DARWIN Software, you can create variable data print (VDP) campaigns in which every brochure, flyer, postcard—almost any printed item—can be personalised. And nearly any element can change: names, addresses, colours, graphics, entire page layouts.

With DARWIN Software, no scripting or programming skills are required to develop one-on-one marketing campaigns. It automatically converts ADOBE InDesign into VDP files—providing design freedom with near-infinite personalisation options. DARWIN Software produces standard VDP output formats that are compatible with the majority of digital presses and workflow systems, including VPS, VIPP, PPML, PPML/VDX, optimised PS & PDF files. DARWIN Software simplifies the handling of customer data and automates some of the labor-intensive tasks of personalised campaigns.

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  • Creates variable, personalised output from ADOBE CREATIVE Suite software
  • Eliminates complex scripting and programming with simple, intuitive rules-based
  • Accepts standard data formats, incl. Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and .csv files
  • Design and layouts are infinitely variable: graphics, color and text elements can
    be personalised for increased marketing effectiveness
  • VDP campaigns can include online marketing (personalised email and websites) and
    print, with personalised websites (PURLs) and variable HTML Charts, barcodes and
    more can be personalised
  • Available on MS-WINDOWS and MACINTOSH platforms
  • Produces standard VDP output; compatible with the majority of digital presses and
  • Program and track jobs easily and precisely via JDF Job Tickets
  • Part of a KODAK Unified Workflow Solutions: when integrated with the KODAK Web to
    Print Solutions, opens the potential for online variable print ordering and an efficient,
    fully-automated production workflow


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