Yotta UV Flatbed YD-F3216R5

Yotta-YD-F3216R5-wide-format-UV-flatbed-printer-Smart-PrintThe YD-F3216R5 is a wide format UV printing machine with a large print size of  3200mm X 1600mm. With Ricoh Gen5 print heads and other components carefully chosen and humanization designs, YD-F3216R5 large format printer delivers a superior compatibility with the widest range of substrates with outstanding speed and resolution. It can print rigid and flexible materials up to 100mm thick and weighing up to 50kg per square meter on its wide bed with multi colors.

Advantages of Yotta YD-F3216R5 small format uv flatbed printer

    • Huge Maximun print size of 3.2m x 1.6m and up to 100mm thick
    • Maximum 600×2400dpi high print resolution
    • Adopting Ricoh Gen5 industrial printhead, original imported Panasonic servo.
    • Wide applications, it has the capability of direct inkjet printing on almost all flat materials with size with 90cm×60cm.
    • Printing CMYK, Lc, Lm, white ink, and varnish, YD-F3216R5 printer is able to create 3D, embossed and high glossy effect.
    • Featured 7pl-35pl variable ink droplet printing, it produces uniform color transition image with less ink consumption.
    • Efficient UV-LED ink curing technology.
    • Labour-saving substrate loading device
    • Automatic material thickness measurement function ink cartridge double negative pressure system presents more smooth ink supply and printing.
    • High-precision and tough accessories delivering more stable and reliable UV flatbed inkjet printing

For full specifications and details please download the brochure below

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